Hamburger Erklärung

» I don’t want to live in a world
where everything that I say,
everything I do, everyone I talk to,
every expression of creativity or
love or friendship is recorded.

Edward Snowden

Our motivation

The discussions that followed the disclosures of Edward Snowden revealed that our society stands at a crossroad. The mass surveillance of our digital footprints through tracing and monitoring of civilians’ moves and actions without reasonable suspicion and probable cause is an unjust infringement and unprecedented offence against our fundamental rights and of our privacy laws. The freedom of everyone is endangered and sadly the response of government officials and society is incomprehensibly unresponsive. We would like to change this.

We, the »lawyers against mass surveillance«, formed a non-partisan initiative of lawyers in the city of Hamburg. We are troubled by the recent exposures from Edward Snowden. Mr. Dr. G. Baum, former Minister of the Interior of Germany and one of the most distinguished civil-rights activists of our times, supports our initiative. As lawyers we assume an especially deep responsibility regarding the protection of our individual liberty and of our nation’s civil rights.


The initiative “Hamburg Declaration on mass surveillance” is an alliance of lawyers that aims to set an example as professionals against mass surveillance with the »Hamburg Declaration on mass surveillance« and an attempt to create a public awareness of the illegality of these actions. Additionally, our initiative addresses the government with our demands to stop mass surveillance immediately.